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Our attorneys have successfully represented clients at the bargaining table, in arbitration, at trial, and on appeal. Are you a police officer, firefighter, correctional officer, or dispatcher? Do you need a lawyer? If so, we have your back.


Collective Bargaining


The backbone of Karlson Garza LLC’s client base is organized labor. We unashamedly advocate for public employees and their unions. We believe organized labor is the best means by which to regain a wide-ranging and sustainable middle class. Toward that end, our attorneys are experienced labor counsel for numerous Illinois and Indiana public employee unions.  Our attorneys have successfully represented unions at the bargaining table, in disciplinary hearings, in unfair labor practice proceedings, in mediation, in grievance arbitration, at impasse arbitration, in court, and on appeal.  Regardless of the issue or venue stand ready to represent your union.


Public Pension Funds

Hand-in-hand with organized labor, well-funded and stable pension funds provide public employees with the ability to retire with dignity. Karlson Garza LLC dedicates itself to protecting public employee pension benefits. Our attorneys serve as fund counsel for numerous Illinois police (Article 3) and fire (Article 4) pension boards.  In that role, we advocate for employers to properly and sustainably fund their pension systems. As fund counsel, our experienced attorneys ensure your pension board upholds its fiduciary duty to the fund and its participants. Our attorneys have litigated numerous questions of first impression before Illinois’ appellate courts.  Whether you need representation through a disability hearing, department of insurance audit, funding litigation, or other pension related needs, our full-service firm stands ready to represent your pension board.  


Officer Involved Critical Incidents


Our attorneys know what it means when we get that call at 0200.  You have been involved in a critical incident and you need a lawyer now. Mostly through police labor unions, Karlson Garza LLC’s attorneys have represented scores of officers involved in critical incidents.  Whether an officer involved shooting or a pursuit ending in a deadly crash, our attorneys are ready to represent you. From the first second following the incident you are likely the subject of a criminal investigation.  You need your counsel who only cares about your needs — not an attorney provided by your employer.


Constitutional Litigation

First responders are also citizens. Wearing a badge does not deprive you of your constitutional rights.  Karlson Garza LLC’s attorneys have had great success vindicating police officers’ and firefighters’ constitutional rights.  Similarly, we have been successful defending police officers in Section 1983 (constitutional, excessive force, etc.) claims brought against them by disgruntled citizens. 

Wage and Hour Claims


Nobody should be forced to work for free.  Karlson Garza LLC represents employees who have been cheated out of what they are owed. Our attorneys are experienced wage and hour attorneys. When in the hands of experienced counsel, State and Federal law both provide powerful tools for compelling payment of unpaid or underpaid employees.  If you think you may be the victim of wage theft, call our office for a free telephone consultation with an attorney.


Work Related Injuries


Car wrecks, burns, fights, faulty equipment, blunt trauma… Karlson Garza LLC knows the dangers first responders face at work. Seeking recovery for work-related injuries is different for firefighters and police officers.  There are generally three areas of recovery: 1) workers’ compensation; 2) third-party tort (personal injury); and 3) your pension fund.  Our attorneys and our network of affiliated attorneys stands ready to help you and your family through this difficult time. If you have been hurt at work please contact us for a free telephone consultation with an attorney. 


Personal Legal Needs


Karlson Garza LLC commonly assists first responders and their families with their personal legal needs. Our team is experienced in real-estate, probate,  and other common personal legal needs. If one of our attorneys cannot assist you directly, we have developed a network of experienced counsel in various areas of legal representation. The key is finding an attorney you are comfortable working with and who is in the best position to provide appropriate counsel.




The attorneys at Karlson Garza LLC are frequently retained to address various audiences regarding a variety of issues impacting public employees, their unions, and their pension funds.  We are experienced in addressing the legal aspects of use of force, public pension funds, public employee constitutional rights, wage and hour matters, and other areas of law impacting public employees. Please contact us if you would like an attorney from our firm to address your organization.

Public Pension Funds
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